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Excellence is an art of practice | Practice makes you perfect | Inspirational Motivational Blog

There was a time when it was believed that talented people are born. But it is ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Deal with Criticisms | Turn Criticisms to Your Advantage | Motivational Blog

Some people are negatively inclined and may criticize to humiliate you. They can make comments like ...
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Enthusiasm is the mantra of success | Motivational Blog

Enthusiasm is the key to success in life. Many times we get frustrated by remembering the ...
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Miracles of Willpower | Inspirational motivational blog

“Where there is a will, there is a way” is a common saying. We often get ...
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Create Your Own History – Willpower, Determination & Focus

We all have a role model/s - someone we aspire, the ones we look forward to ...
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Turn the Tides in Your Favour

Undoubtedly through mind power, the unfavorable situations can be turned in one’s favor to touch great ...
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No one is perfect | Is there any perfect person in this world

Our life is a quest for perfection. We look for being perfect in all our tasks ...
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Confidence is the Key | How to Boost Confidence

Confidence is the key based on which successful people in the world have reached new heights ...
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Dreams are Calling You | Work on Your Dreams

Each of one us is passionate about something we want to achieve in our lives. We ...
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